Ansible playbook-based tools for deploying Slurm and Kubernetes clusters for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and High-Performance Data Analytics

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Viewing Performance Stats on Grafana

Using Texas Technical University data visualization lab, data polled from iDRAC and Slurm can be processed to generate live graphs. These Graphs can be accessed on the Grafana UI.

Once control_plane.yml is executed and Grafana is set up, use telemetry.yml to initiate the Graphs. Data polled via Slurm and iDRAC is streamed into internal databases. This data is processed to create the 4 graphs listed below.

Note: This feature only works on Nodes using iDRACs with a datacenter license running a minimum firmware of 4.0.

All your data in a glance

Using the following graphs, data can be visualized to gather correlational information.

  1. Parallel Coordinates
  2. Sankey Layout
  3. Spiral Layout
  4. Power Map

Note: The timestamps used for the time metric are based on the timezone set in control_plane/input_params/base_vars.yml. In the event of a mismatch between the timezone on the browser being used to access Grafana UI and the timezone in base_vars.yml, the time range being used to filter information on the Grafana UI will have to be adjusted per the timezone in base_vars.yml.