Ansible playbook-based tools for deploying Slurm and Kubernetes clusters for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and High-Performance Data Analytics

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Enabling Security on the Login Node

Note: For 389ds/SSSD to work, an external LDAP server has to be set up in your environment as Omnia does not configure LDAP.

Limiting User Authentication over sshd

Users logging into this host can be optionally allowed or denied using an access control list. All users to be allowed or denied are to be listed in the variable user in omnia_security_vars.yml.

Note: All users on the server will have to be defined manually. Omnia does not create any users by default.

Session Timeout

To encourage security, users who have been idle over 3 minutes will be logged out automatically. To adjust this value, update the session_timeout variable in omnia_security_vars.yml. This variable is mandatory.

Restricting Program Support

Optionally, different communication protocols can be disabled on the control plane using the restrict_program_support and restrict_softwares variables in `omnia_security_vars.yml. These protocols include: telnet,lpd,bluetooth,rlogin and rexec. Features that cannot be disabled include: ftp,smbd,nmbd,automount and portmap.

Note: The parameter restrict_softwares is case-sensitive

Logging Program Executions using Snoopy

Omnia installs Snoopy to log all program executions on Linux/BSD systems. For more information on Snoopy, click here.

Logging User activity using PSACCT/ACCT

Using PSACCT on Rocky and Acct on LeapOS, admins can monitor activity. For more information, click here.

Configuring Email Alerts for Authentication Failures

If the alert_email_address variable in omnia_security_config.yml is populated with a single, valid email ID, all authentication failures will trigger an email notification. A cron job is set up to verify failures and send emails every hour.

Note: The alert_email_address variable is optional. If it is not populated, authentication failure email alerts will be disabled.

Kernel Lockdown