Ansible playbook-based tools for deploying Slurm and Kubernetes clusters for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and High-Performance Data Analytics

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Parameters in telemetry_base_vars.yml

Before running telemetry.yml, ensure that the files in /telemetry/input_params/ are filled in.

Parameter Name Default Value Information
idrac_telemetry_support true This variable is used to enable iDRAC telemetry support and visualizations. Accepted Values: true/false
slurm_telemetry_support true This variable is used to enable slurm telemetry support and visualizations. Slurm Telemetry support can only be activated when idrac_telemetry_support is set to true. Accepted Values: True/False.
timescaledb_name telemetry_metrics Postgres DB with timescale extension is used for storing iDRAC and slurm telemetry metrics.
mysqldb_name idrac_telemetrysource_services_db MySQL DB is used to store IPs and credentials of iDRACs having datacenter license