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Parameters in idrac_tools_vars.yml

This file is located in /control_plane/input_params

Parameter Default/Accepted Values Additional Information
dns_domain_name [Required]   * DNS domain name to set to iDRAC
ipv4_static_dns1 [Required]   IPV4 static DNS1
ipv4_static_dns2 [Required]   IPV4 static DNS2
smtp_server_ip [Required]   Server IP used for SMTP
use_email_address_2fa [Required]   Email address used for enabling 2FA
smtp_authentication [Required] disabled, enabled SMTP authentication disabled by default
When enabled, ensure that smtp_username and smtp_password is filled.
smtp_username   Username used for SMTP
smtp_password   Password used for SMTP
cert_validation_enable disabled, enabled CA certification validation value
If required user has to manually upload CA certificate after idrac_ldap.yml execution.
ldap_server_address [Required]   Sever address used for LDAP
ldap_port 636 TCP port port at which the LDAP server is listening for connections
Default Port for LDAP: 389
Default Port for LDAP over SSL: 636
bind_dn   Distinguished Name of the node in your directory tree from which to start searching for records
bind_password   Password used for bind_dn
base_dn [Required]   The distinguished name of the search base.
user_attribute   User attribute used for search in LDAP server
group_attribute   Group attribute used for search in LDAP server
group_attribute_is_dn disabled, enabled Specify whether the group attribute type is DN or not
search_filter   The search scope defines how LDAP will search for your objects.
role_group1_dn [Required]   DN of LDAP group be to added
role_group1_privilege [Required] Administrator, Operator, ReadOnly Privelege to LDAP role group 1