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Parameters in idrac_2fa.yml

This file is located in /control_plane/tools

Variables</br> [Required if two_factor_authentication is enabled/ Optional] Default, choices Description
dns_domain_name</br> [Required]   DNS domain name to be set for iDRAC.
ipv4_static_dns1, ipv4_static_dns2</br> [Required]   DNS1 and DNS2 static IPv4 addresses.
smtp_server_ip</br> [Required]   Server IP address used for SMTP.
use_email_address_2fa</br> [Required]   Email address used for enabling 2FA. After 2FA is enabled, an authentication code is sent to the provided email address.
smtp_authentication [Required] <ul> <li>Disabled</li> <li>Enabled </li> </ul> Enable SMTP authentication
smtp_username</br> [Optional]   Username for SMTP.
smtp_password</br> [Optional]   Password for SMTP.