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Parameters in ib_vars.yml

This file is located in /control_plane/input_params

Variables Default, choices Description
cache_directory <ul><li>/var/cache/opensm</li><li>User-defined directory path</li></ul> The directory used by opensm to store data during the configuration. Can be set to the default directory or enter a directory path to store data.
log_directory <ul><li>/var/log</li><li>User-defined directory path</li></ul> The directory where temporary files of opensm are stored. Can be set to the default directory or enter a directory path to store temporary files.
mellanox_switch_config   List the configurations for the Mellanox InfiniBand switches.
mellanox_switch_interface_config By default: <ul><li>Port descriptions are provided.</li> <li>Each interface is set to “no shutdown” state.</li> Update the individual interfaces of the Mellanox InfiniBand switches. </br>Default configurations are provided for the Mellanox Quantum(TM) HDR InfiniBand Switch, 40 QSFP56 ports switch. The configurations must be changed based on the switch used. Omnia playbooks will work on all switches running MLNX-OS. </br>The interfaces are from ib 1/1 to ib 1/36. For each dict, provide a description and configuration. For more information on the commands, see </br>Note: The playbooks will fail if any invalid configurations are entered.
save_changes_to_startup <ul><li>false</li><li>true</li></ul> Change it to “true” only when you are certain that the updated configurations and commands are valid. </br>WARNING: When set to “true”, the startup configuration file is updated. If incorrect configurations or commands are entered, the Mellanox InfiniBand band switches may not operate as expected.