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Parameters in ethernet_tor_vars.yml

This file is located in /control_plane/input_params

Variables Default, choices Description
os10_config <ul><li>“interface vlan1”</li><li>“exit”</li></ul> Global configurations for the switch.
os10_interface By default: <ul><li>Port description is provided.</li> <li>Each interface is set to “up” state.</li> Update the individual interfaces of the PowerSwitch S3048-ON (ToR Switch). </br>The interfaces are from ethernet 1/1/1 to ethernet 1/1/52. For more information about the interfaces, see the Supported interface keys of PowerSwitch S3048-ON (ToR Switch). </br>Note: The playbooks will fail if any invalid configurations are entered.
save_changes_to_startup <ul><li>false</li><li>true</li></ul> Change it to “true” only when you are certain that the updated configurations and commands are valid. </br>WARNING: When set to “true”, the startup configuration file is updated. If incorrect configurations or commands are entered, the Ethernet switches may not operate as expected.