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Accepted Interface Keys on Top Of the Rack Switches

Interface key name Type Description
desc string Configures a single line interface description
portmode string Configures port mode according to the device type
switchport boolean: true, false* Configures an interface in L2 mode
admin string: up, down* Configures the administrative state for the interface; configuring the value as administratively “up” enables the interface; configuring the value as administratively “down” disables the interface
mtu integer Configures the MTU size for L2 and L3 interfaces (1280 to 65535)
speed string: auto, 1000, 10000, 25000, … Configures the speed of the interface
fanout string: dual, single; string:10g-4x, 40g-1x, 25g-4x, 100g-1x, 50g-2x (os10) Configures fanout to the appropriate value
suppress_ra string: present, absent Configures IPv6 router advertisements if set to present
ip_type_dynamic boolean: true, false Configures IP address DHCP if set to true (ip_and_mask is ignored if set to true)
ipv6_type_dynamic boolean: true, false Configures an IPv6 address for DHCP if set to true (ipv6_and_mask is ignored if set to true)
ipv6_autoconfig boolean: true, false Configures stateless configuration of IPv6 addresses if set to true (ipv6_and_mask is ignored if set to true)
vrf string Configures the specified VRF to be associated to the interface
min_ra string Configures RA minimum interval time period
max_ra string Configures RA maximum interval time period
ip_and_mask string Configures the specified IP address to the interface
ipv6_and_mask string Configures a specified IPv6 address to the interface
virtual_gateway_ip string Configures an anycast gateway IP address for a VXLAN virtual network as well as VLAN interfaces
virtual_gateway_ipv6 string Configures an anycast gateway IPv6 address for VLAN interfaces
state_ipv6 string: absent, present* Deletes the IPV6 address if set to absent
ip_helper list Configures DHCP server address objects (see ip_helper.*)
ip_helper.ip string (required) Configures the IPv4 address of the DHCP server (A.B.C.D format)
ip_helper.state string: absent, present* Deletes the IP helper address if set to absent
flowcontrol dictionary Configures the flowcontrol attribute (see flowcontrol.*)
flowcontrol.mode string: receive, transmit Configures the flowcontrol mode
flowcontrol.enable string: on, off Configures the flowcontrol mode on
flowcontrol.state string: absent, present Deletes the flowcontrol if set to absent
ipv6_bgp_unnum dictionary Configures the IPv6 BGP unnum attributes (see ipv6_bgp_unnum.*) below
ipv6_bgp_unnum.state string: absent, present* Disables auto discovery of BGP unnumbered peer if set to absent
ipv6_bgp_unnum.peergroup_type string: ebgp, ibgp Specifies the type of template to inherit from
stp_rpvst_default_behaviour boolean: false, true Configures RPVST default behavior of BPDU’s when set to True, which is default