Ansible playbook-based tools for deploying Slurm and Kubernetes clusters for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and High-Performance Data Analytics

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Input Parameter Guide

Before running control_plane.yml or omnia.yml ensure that the following parameters are filled:

Control Plane Parameters

  1. Device Parameters
    1. Ethernet Top of the Rack Parameters
    2. Ethernet Parameters
    3. Infiniband Parameters
    4. iDRAC 2-factor authentication Parameters
    5. iDRAC LDAP Parameters
    6. iDRAC tools Parameters
    7. iDRAC Parameters
    8. Open Subnet Manager Configuration
    9. Powervault Parameters
    10. Redhat Subscription Manager Parameters
    11. Top-Of-the-Rack Interface Keys
  2. Base Parameters
  3. Login Parameters

Security Parameters

Telemetry and Visualization Parameters

  1. Telemetry Base Parameters
  2. Telemetry Login Parameters

    Omnia Configuration Parameters